Di Pino Engines

Body Shell di Pino Lex painted

Erik van Meer, rookie

Lex Brood mecanic and driver

Rene van der Horst, Super advanced driver

Ad Vissenberg, super advanched driver

Mario Gerssen, super advanched Nomac Cup driver

Miquel Herreijgers, top driver

Marcel Schouten from RCP Racing tested and drove the Di Pino Black at the Dutch Nationals.
Team chef son Rob van Iperen also drives the di Pino black engines

Kevin van Merode, the son of our local track preses Ferdi van merode also drives a Mugen MRX 4 x di Pino powered.

Ricardo Los used the Di Pino STD at the 200 km of Genk and at the last clubrace BB.

Fabien Mannien, former driver / owner Di Pino Engines/ FMP Racing