Di Pino Engines

DP7P Engines 2012

We are proudly to present a new Top scale 1/8 on-road engine for 2012.
The DP7P.
Its a completely re-designed 7 ports engine with a new re-designed conrod, hardened crankshaft, ceramic meanbearing.
There is a new feature like the polished light weight special alloy cooling head.
It will reduce the temperature.
New type of high compressure combustion chamber.
We have a new alloy ligh weight, less friction hard anodised coverplate.

And ofcourse the common 2011 features like the hard coated crankcase and carburator.
These features complete the on-road engine for 2012.

The price for this engine 289 euro's.

Engines misc.

New type black hardened crankshaft

Black new type Crankcase

New type of polished high combustion chamber.

New type 7p Piston/liner set

Special alloy new type of rear cover. Less friction, special anodised.


Ceramic 14 mm mean bearing

Conrod, new type